2021 Stream Assets

Gamers for Giving 2021 is taking place exclusively as a virtual marathon. While we won’t be gathering in-person for our LAN party, you can still support the cause from home! Power up your gaming devices and join us on March 20th & 21st!

One of the most impactful ways you can help is by starting a fundraising campaign. We’re hoping to raise $500,000 during this year’s marathon. Funds raised will enable our team to provide hospitalized families with access to play.

Here’s everything you’ll need to launch your own fundraiser!

  • Create a campaign: We use a platform called Tiltify to collect donations and track our fundraising goal. Start a campaign of your own here.
  • Stream Overlays: We’ve created an assortment of stream graphics to help you produce a super polished broadcast. Everything you’ll need can be found here.
  • Spread the word: Building hype for your charity marathon helps ensure you hit your fundraising goal! Check out our “Stream Assets” folder which has a bunch of resources + talking points about the cause!

We’re looking forward to watching your broadcasts over the course of March 20th & 21st in support of hospitalized families. See you online, gamers!

Virtual Marathon – How To Help

As of this blog post, Gamers for Giving 2021 is just under six weeks away!

This year’s event will once again be a virtual marathon. Over the course of March 20th & 21st, we’ll be raising money to help provide entertainment to hospitalized families. Our goal? A cool $500,000. No pressure!

Over the last five years, our team has made tremendous progress ensuring gaming content is accessible to hospitalized families. In 2015, Gamers Outreach programs existed in ~7% of pediatric hospitals in the United States. Today, we maintain a presence in 90% of hospitals solely focused on pediatrics.

That said, we’ve got a long way to go before each facility is fully saturated. We want to build a world where all kids have access to play without needing to wait their turn. That means providing the right type of devices, as well as the right quantity.

Additionally, we’re actively maintaining our existing presence. It takes resources to ensure hospital staff have the latest equipment and can request support if questions arise.

This year’s Gamers for Giving is another step towards realizing our dream: giving all hospitalized kids access to play. Funds raised will help us build a new batch of GO Karts. We’ll also be using resources to maintain our existing impact.

We need all the assistance we can rally to achieve this year’s fundraising goal. Here’s how you can help:

  • Fundraise: We’ve partnered with Tiltify to help you fundraise online. Through their platform, you can start a fundraiser, or even host an online stream broadcast to bring gaming to a hospital in your community. Launch or support a campaign under the Gamers for Giving event page here. You can find more of our streaming resources here.
  • Donate: Any amount helps! Donations can be made on the Tiltify page here.
  • Watch: We’ll be streaming the event during the course of the weekend. Check out our Stream Schedule for details!
  • Spread the word! Help share Gamers for Giving hype on social media! Sharing our cause with friends our promoting broadcasters can go a long way in building the conversation. Be sure to use our hashtag #GFG2021!

Gamers Outreach wouldn’t exist without ongoing support from the gaming community. The last year has been a challenge for all of us, but we’re committed to making a difference during this pandemic and beyond. Games are helping kids face isolation, and they’re a resource for hospital staff who are stretched thin.

We hope you’ll join us in helping others level up during Gamers for Giving! See you on March 20th & 21st online!


In 2020, we made the difficult decision to cancel our annual Gamers for Giving LAN and shift to an online-only event. As sad as it was, we knew it was the right thing to do.

Thankfully, the gaming community showed up to support. We were blown away by the enthusiasm from streamers, sponsors, viewers, and more! 

Fast forward to present day: COVID reports are at new highs, and we’ve received more requests for games in hospitals than ever.

We’re asking you to save the date for a virtual event once more. 

Gamers for Giving 2021 will take place on March 20th and 21st, 2021. During this fundraiser, streamers and brands will join us from the comforts of their own battle stations in support of Gamers Outreach programs.

We’ll release more information about #GFG2021 in the coming months, including our fundraising goal, schedule, where to watch, along with who will be joining us this year. 

Planning on joining us? Don’t be shy! You can always stay up to date with Gamers for Giving 2021 by following our blog or following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And don’t hesitate to keep the conversation going with us by using the hashtag #GFG2021.

2020 wasn’t the year any of us expected. But thanks to your support, we raised over $675K to provide gaming experiences to as many as 422,000 children each year.

Even though we can’t gather together in person in 2021, we’re just as excited to make memories and break goals virtually! 

We’re looking forward to gaming with you all online, March 20th & 21st. Hope to see you in the streams!


Gamers for Giving 2020 is officially a wrap!

And… wow… what an unexpected, inspiring, and astonishing weekend it’s been.

As many of our supporters are aware, Gamers for Giving typically includes an annual LAN party. Each year, we bring together the gaming community to play video games and make a difference for hospitalized children.

This year, things were a bit different. Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, our team made the difficult decision to cancel our LAN. A number of volunteers work year-round to make the in-person experience of Gamers for Giving possible. While it’s difficult to see that work shelved, we know with absolute certainty it was the best decision for the safety of our attendees and the event as a whole.

Gamers for Giving is a major driver for our programs in hospitals. Kids and their families have come to depend on our ongoing support for the devices we provide. Perhaps now more than ever, society is acutely aware of the impact games have to unite us and provide recreation. This has always been true in the hospitals we work, and it’s a reminder of the connections our community helps facilitate through Gamers for Giving.

Although the LAN was canceled, the majority of our fundraising is made possible thanks to every gamer’s greatest strength – our shared sense of community online.

With the help of our sponsors, partners, and an array of enthusiastic streamers, we’re proud to share the community delivered.

In total, Gamers for Giving raised a whopping $675,425 in cash contributions.

This amount includes sponsorship contributions, major gifts from GameAbove and Love Your Melon, money raised by streamers, and donations not funneled through the Tiltify platform (e.g. Facebook fundraisers).

While it’s just shy of our $700K goal, the amount raised surpasses last year’s Gamers for Giving by more than $38K. This makes it our second largest fundraiser we’ve hosted to-date behind our 2018 event when PUBG matched contributions.

All things considered, we’re calling that a huge W, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the passion and energy of the streaming community, most all of whom exceeded their personal goals.

This year’s MVP streaming shout out goes to Terroriser and his community, who did a lot of fishing in Animal Crossing to raise nearly $40,000!

It’s difficult to express in writing (especially given the circumstances) how much this means to our team. We’re so grateful for the commitment and generosity demonstrated by our partners and fellow gamers.

We estimate these resources can help provide gaming experiences to as many as 422,000 children each year. That’s a massive victory worthy of celebration!

It’s a privilege to do this work and be of service to healthcare workers and families in hospitals. To everyone who streamed, donated, or spread the word on social media – from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! This year’s online event wouldn’t have happened without your support!

If you’re interested in staying involved with Gamers Outreach programs, be sure to check out our website www.GamersOutreach.org, or keep up with our latest updates across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the next one – hopefully with a bit more LAN party sprinkled in. Thank you again for your ongoing support and encouragement. It’s meant everything to our team, and more importantly, it will all make an impact in hospitals where it’s needed most!

Gamers for Giving 2020 Begins!

The big weekend has finally arrived, and this year, it’s all ONLINE! Welcome to Gamers for Giving 2020!

Over the next two days, we’re hoping to raise $700,000 in support of providing entertainment to hospitalized children and their families.

Being in the hospital can be a scary, isolating experience – especially for young people. Games help change all that by giving kids a chance to play, build, learn, and socialize.

$700,000 is a huge goal, and we can’t reach it without your help! Here’s a reminder on how to get involved:

  • Donate: Any amount helps! Donations can be made on our Tiltify portal here!
  • Fundraise: Anyone can start a fundraising campaign and stream in support of Gamers Outreach. Learn how here!
  • Watch: We’re streaming LIVE alongside a number of wonderful content creators! Here’s the full listing!
  • Spread the word: Help share Gamers for Giving hype on social media! Link to our website, and let your friends know what’s happening! Use the hashtag #GFG2020 on Twitter!

Every dollar helps us bring activities to kids in hospitals. $10 can help us ship a small care package. $30 can help buy a new controller. $60 can help provide a new game. $100 can equip a GO Kart with an Xbox Adaptive Controller. $300 powers up a console. $3,500 is enough to build, deliver, and maintain a GO Kart for multiple years!

This weekend, let’s help others level up. We’ll see you on stream!

The 2020 Stream Team

During Gamers for Giving, we’ll be joined by a number of streamers from the video game industry who have volunteered their time to make a difference for kids in hospitals!

Additionally, an array of individuals, teams, and community members have created campaigns of their own through Tiltify.

You can make an impact and join them by streaming from home as well!

Reaching our $700K fundraising goal wouldn’t be possible without the support of companies like Twitch, YouTube, and the collective power of the streaming community. The following broadcasters will be joining us as special guests during this year’s online fundraiser…

We’ll also be hosting two dedicated streams of our own with some of your favorite familiar faces including WalshySirScootsGoldenboyAxeltossJess Brohard, Pancakepow, Arda, and Erin Simon.

Be sure to follow along, and use the hashtag #GFG2020 on Twitter to spread the word about the streams!

We’ll see you online March 28th & 29th!

Our Partners

As we prep to host Gamers for Giving 2020 this weekend, our team would like to recognize the extraordinary support we’ve received from our sponsors and partners.

The circumstances surrounding this year’s event are unprecedented. We’re grateful to work with a number of organizations committed to making a difference in the lives of hospitalized children.

Gamers for Giving sponsors provide the necessary resources to cover overhead costs associated with event production.  As such – ticket sales, attendee donations, and online contributions are channeled towards benefiting Gamers Outreach programs.

Typically these sponsors activate their support during our LAN party, enhancing the attendee experience through activities and prizing. Given that we’ve shifted to an online format, we plan to recognize our 2020 sponsors during Gamers for Giving 2021 as well.

We’re incredibly grateful to be working with the following groups, and look forward to recognizing them during our online broadcast. Be sure to give them some love on social media. We’ll see you on stream!

GameAbove is a group of Eastern Michigan University (EMU) alumni dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students and faculty. To date, $13.5 million has been committed towards supporting a variety of initiatives which advance the capacity and well-being of the University’s community. We’re proud to share news of their $150,000 contribution. You can keep up with news from GameAbove here.

We’re thrilled to share Gamers Outreach is teaming up with Love Your Melon to build 28 GO Karts for pediatric cancer treatment centers across the country! You can read more about our partnership and the impact they’ve made in hospitals here.

YouTube Gaming is a destination for live stream and VOD video game content. As a sponsor of Gamers for Giving, YouTube Gaming has committed to helping us make an incredible difference for kids in hospitals!

Lightstream builds cloud-based live streaming tools that empower creators to effortlessly share their talent on live streaming platforms like Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and more. We’ll be making use of their tech to produce our stream broadcast. You can learn more here!

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts. You can catch the live Gamers for Giving broadcast at Twitch.tv/GamersOutreach!

ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment and peripherals for professional gamers and hardcore enthusiasts. Be sure to check out their gear here!

NZXT is one of the world’s leading providers of PC components and custom gaming PCs. They’ve been a multi-year supporter of Gamers for Giving and our organization’s programs. We even collaborated on a PUBG-themed PC case.

Dedicated to creating products for today’s and tomorrow’s smart life, ASUS is the world’s No. 1 motherboard and gaming brand as well as a top-three consumer notebook vendor. We’re excited to announce we’re teaming with ASUS as our official monitor sponsor in 2020!

Klutch is bringing standardized performance analytics and training to the world of gaming and esports. We’re honored to have them aboard for their first year as a Gamers for Giving sponsor!

Meta Threads is a lifestyle gaming brand, and official merch partner of Gamers Outreach. Their products are proudly manufactured in the USA at the Meta Threads headquarters located in Los Angeles, California.

G FUEL is an engery formula designed with gamers in mind. We’re thrilled to have their support during this year’s Gamers for Giving!

APEX Hosting is a server hosting solution for Minecraft, which is really great because we spend a lot of time hunting diamonds. Minecraft is one of the most-played gamed in hospitals we support, and we’re proud to have APEX’s support!

PowerA creates custom controllers and peripherals for gaming devices. Many of our GO Karts are equipped with their products! We’re proud to have them as a sponsor of our annual fundraiser.

DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter are the world’s largest digital festivals, and the indisputable largest LAN parties. We’re thankful DreamHack lends us some of their hardware to support streamers during Gamers for Giving! Learn more about their events here.

Merit’s mission is connecting organizations and building community. The company provides networking, security and community services to member organizations that help make our society a better place to learn, discover work and live – while upholding the principles of an open internet.

Respawn is a furniture manufacturing company applying their expertise to help create the best seating and desk experience for gamers. We’re proud to welcome them as a Gamers for Giving sponsor!

Cooler Master is a longstanding brand in the video game industry that creates PC components for hardcore enthusiasts. We’re excited to have their support during this year’s Gamers for Giving!

The Coalition is a growing team of talented, creative, fun-loving professionals, united in their passion for Gears of War. The studio has been an incredible supporter of Gamers Outreach programs.

Welcome GameAbove

Last November, a group of Eastern Michigan University (EMU) alumni announced the formation of GameAbove – an advisory board dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students and faculty.

This team is comprised of a diverse group from all ages and backgrounds including great EMU athletes, current entrepreneurs, successful business people, Hall of Famers and select EMU coaches – all EMU graduates.

To date, $13.5 million has been committed towards supporting a variety of initiatives which advance the capacity and wellbeing of the University’s community.

During his time as a student, our founder Zach Wigal helped champion a cultural landscape that has evolved to embrace video games and esports as part of student life. Simultaneously, Gamers for Giving has become a marquee event on EMU’s campus. We’ve been grateful to call the University our home through the years.

Recognizing the impact esports and gaming has on campus life, we’re thrilled to announce GameAbove is making a $150,000 contribution in support of Gamers Outreach programs and the continuity of our annual Gamers for Giving fundraiser.

These funds provide a major boost to this year’s fundraising objective, and will ultimately help us make a tremendous difference in the lives of hospitalized children.

“GameAbove is very excited to partner with Zach and Gamers Outreach.”, said Keith J. Stone, GameAbove advisory board member. “We’re all about giving back and helping bring light to EMU, and the Gamers for Giving event has done that over the years. We wanted to be part of that.”

In the coming months, we intend to provide guidance to GameAbove on a handful of esports projects (to be shared at a later date) which will enhance the attendee experience at future Gamers for Giving events.

We’re looking forward to sharing more about GameAbove during this year’s online stream broadcast, and returning to the Convocation Center with our LAN party in 2021.

We’ve updated this year’s fundraising meter to include contributions from GameAbove, Love Your Melon, our sponsors, and donations received from the community thus far!

Be sure to give GameAbove a follow on social media in thanks for their support!

We’ll see you this March 28th & 29th online!

Streaming Marathon

While Gamers for Giving 2020 won’t include our regular LAN party, there’s no stopping our ability to unite as a community and stream!

This year’s event will take place over the course of March 28th & 29th as an online streaming marathon. We’ll be hosting our own broadcast, sharing updates on our programs, chatting with special guests, and checking-in with streamers around the internet.

The amazing news is that you can help! We’re hoping to raise more than $700,000 in support of providing entertainment to hospitalized children. Every donation counts towards reaching the goal!

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Step 1: Create an account on the fundraising platform, Tiltify.
  • Step 2: Once your account is created, make your own fundraiser in support of the Gamers for Giving 2020 campaign! Be sure to customize the settings for your fundraiser. You can embed a stream player, and even set incentives to encourage donations.
  • Step 3: If you’re hosting a stream broadcast on a website like Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube, use our asset kit to decorate your broadcast! You’ll find overlays, photos, and donation graphics in the folder provided.
  • Step 4: Publish & promote your fundraiser! Share the word on social media, and be sure to link your donors / viewers to your unique fundraising page. All donations will contribute towards the $700,000 total, and you’ll be able to see how much you raise along the way!

Not a streamer? You can still create a campaign, encourage friends to donate, or make a contribution yourself on our website! You can also use platforms like Facebook to rally friends and raise money for Gamers Outreach programs. Or consider selling things on eBay to help the cause!

We hope you’ll join us on March 28th & 29th during this year’s online marathon. We’ll see you on the internet!

Coronavirus & Gamers for Giving

Over the past few weeks, our team has been actively monitoring developments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). Attendee safety, as well as the safety of our volunteers, sponsors, and streamers is our top priority.

In consideration of growing public health concerns, we’ve decided to move this year’s Gamers for Giving to an online-only format. We will not be hosting a LAN or on-site tournaments at the EMU Convocation Center this year.

As you can imagine, this was not an easy decision to make. Our team works hard throughout the year to create an incredible experience for the gaming community. We sought guidance from our board, advisors, as well as health authorities in Michigan. We believe this course of action is in the best interest of our attendees and the event as a whole.

Refunds will be issued to all original ticket purchasers over the next 7 – 10 days. If you do not receive a refund by March 18th, please contact our team via email at contact@gamersoutreach.org. If you bought a ticket from a third party, please contact them directly with refund requests.

While Gamers for Giving won’t have a LAN component or tournaments, we still intend to produce an online fundraising marathon throughout the weekend of March 28th & 29th. We’ll be streaming live on our Twitch channel both days, and a number of our industry friends will be broadcasting from home!

Gamers for Giving is a major driver for our programs in hospitals. Kids and their families have come to depend on our ongoing support for the devices we provide. We’re going to make every effort to ensure we have a strong outcome, but we’ll need everyone’s help and encouragement to get there.

We invite you to join us online March 28th & 29th. Anyone can create a Tiltify fundraising campaign in support of our $700,000 goal to provide hospitalized children with access to entertainment. With your help, we can still make a massive difference for young gamers receiving medical care.

While we’re disappointed we won’t be able to unite our community in-person, as gamers, we’re the best in the world at uniting together through the internet. We appreciate everyone’s understanding during this anomalous situation.

We look forward to hosting a LAN next year, and hope to see you this March 28th & 29th online.