Presale Tickets Now Available

January 25th, 2023
Gamers for Giving LAN party
Gamers for Giving LAN party

Two years ago we promised GRID members first dibs on Gamers for Giving tickets when the LAN party returned IRL. Well... THE WAIT IS OVER!

Our first ever presale offer for members of The GRID is now LIVE! As of 1 PM Eastern, GRID members can access Gamers for Giving LAN party tickets.

All GRID members should've received an email with instructions for purchasing tickets. If you're a GRID donor and didn't receive a message, shoot us an email via or ping us in the "gfg-general" channel on Discord and we'll take a look!

GRID members will have ~2 days to purchase tickets before seats become available to the public.

Ticket availability is as follows:

  • 6 Private Suites
  • 78 Premium Seats
  • 652 Enhanced/General Seats

A single person may purchase up to 15 tickets (enough for 3 teams to compete in one of our headline tournaments).

A big thanks to all our GRID members for being a part of our monthly giving community!

Our public sale will begin on Friday, January 27th @ 1 PM Eastern. For those of you waiting until then, you can get a head start on registration by creating your purchase account! Head over to the ticketing page to setup your credentials so you'll be prepared the moment our sale goes live.

We're looking forward to seeing you all in March!