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February 10th, 2023
Gamers for Giving LAN Party
Gamers for Giving LAN Party

As of this blog post we're ~6 weeks away from the 15th annual Gamers for Giving fundraiser!

So far we've a wide number of streamers who've signed up to broadcast online, and 400+ folks have purchased tickets to join us at the LAN!

In this week's news: seat selection is being made available for LAN party ticket holders! You can find this year's seating map below.

Gamers for Giving LAN Party Seating
Gamers for Giving LAN Party Seating

In this year's layout, rows A - K account for the General & Enhanced ticketed seats. Rows U - Z account for the Premium Seats. The Private Suites are located above the main floor, encircling the arena.

"GO Booth" (Gamers Outreach booth) is where we'll have raffle prizing, tournament awards, and information on Gamers Outreach programs. On the opposite side of the arena, the "Event Staff" section is where you'll find all the tournament moderators, as well as tech support who can assist you with any questions that may arise during the event.

This year's LAN won't have a dedicated streamer area, per se. Instead we're focused on inviting streamers to join our efforts online either by broadcasting from home, or bringing their setups to a seat in the arena.

Not pictured within this layout is the area dedicated to Smash Ultimate. The Smash tournament will be taking place within the venue's Auxiliary Gym, which is connected to the main floor via a walkway. Directional signs will be posted within the venue to help guide attendees.

Seat selection will become available at the following times:

  • Presale Ticket Holders: Monday, February 13th @ 1 PM Eastern
  • Premium/Enhanced Ticket Holders: Wednesday, February 15th @ 1 PM Eastern
  • General Ticket Holders: Friday, February 17th @ 1 PM Eastern

All ticket holders will receive an email when their respective access to seat selection becomes available. We'll also post reminders in the Gamers Outreach Discord channel.

As always, feel free to shoot us an email ( if you have any questions or experience any glitches. Our team will be happy to assist!

We're looking forward to an incredible event with you all! See you in March!