LAN Checklist

April 3rd, 2024

We're excited to welcome you to this year's Gamers for Giving 2024, which takes place this weekend! In preparation for the event, we're dedicated to ensuring that all attendees are well-equipped. Please review the important updates below to streamline your check-in process upon arrival at the event.

LAN Equipment Cheklist

Person setting up their gaming and streaming pc at Gamers for Giving LAN

Whether you are a new or veteran Gamers for Giving attendee, it doesn't hurt to double-check what you are bringing.

  • Computer with necessary cables (or video gaming console)
  • Monitor
  • Headset, Mouse, and Keyboard
  • Updated your Software (You don't want to spend time at GFG updating your PC!)
  • Sleeping Bag/Pillow if you planning on going for the best Camper Award.
  • Money for Food/Snacks.

As a reminder, each LAN seat will have 2 electrical outlets (premium tickets have 4). Do not bring your own power strip or attempt to exceed the number of receptacles provided. If you'd like additional outlets, you must buy another seat at the LAN.

Ethernet Cable

Seating chart with ethernet cable lengths specified by row in the order of: 26 ft, 20 ft, 14 ft, and 8 ft. With the seats at the center of each row requiring the shortest ethernet cables.

DO NOT forget to bring an ethernet cable unless you have rented a PC and monitor from Gamers Outreach. Please refer to the chart above to select the appropriate cable length based on your LAN seat, ensuring you have sufficient cable coverage.


Discord logo over an electronic board background.

Our Discord channel is where you can find event announcements and discussions. In addition to audio announcements, we'll use Discord to notify you of event activities. Tournament mods will also oversee channels to help you navigate through competitions you've registered for.

Join the Gamers Outreach Discord!


Person checking in to Gamers for Giving at the registration desk.

For those planning to attend in person, we wanted to share an important update: We’ve reached our attendee capacity for this year’s event. We have only a small handful of tickets left, but this means we will not be able to accommodate requests for seats or spectator badges at the doors.

However, exceptions will be made for parents/guardians of registered attendees. If you are a parent/guardian of a ticketed attendee, you can claim a spectator badge by presenting identification showing the same last name as the attendee. If your name differs from the attendee's, the attendee will need to meet you at the venue entrance and provide verbal confirmation to our front desk attendants that you are a parent/guardian.

Venue Access & House Rules

Overview of Gamers for Giving LAN arena with rows of PC setups.

The venue doors will be locked and staffed by security each night at 11 PM. Only registered attendees/guardians will be allowed to leave and enter. There will be no exceptions, so please ensure you always have your event credentials.

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions for the event. Entering the venue confirms your agreement to these terms. Pages 7 and 8 contain a specific list of prohibited items.

TLDR: Be a nice person, respectful of others, and don't do anything illegal. Photos and videos will be collected throughout the weekend and may be posted online. Being present is consent to photography, FYI!

You can read the full terms here.


Table of raffle prizes from Gamers for Giving 2023

Our sponsors have provided us with a variety of prizes to give away during the LAN party. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase. One ticket costs $5, or five tickets cost $20. General contributions can also be made at the event services booth within the LAN.

We can't for our attendees to see what kind of prizing we have set up for our raffle this year!

See you all Soon!

Gaming setup at Gamers for Giving LAN with "lit" neon light on top of a PC case.

That's all! Even if you can't attend the LAN this year, you can still support by making a donation online, creating a fundraising campaign, or spreading the word.

Thanks, everyone! We look forward to seeing the impact you'll make for families receiving care!

Thank you all for your continuous support!

The Gamers Outreach Team