2021 Grand Total



Gamers for Giving 2021 has concluded. If you missed the virtual marathon, let us fill you in: it’s been a RECORD-BREAKING weekend!!

The video game community raised $966,700.37 to help make play available for kids in hospitals.

This is a new all-time record for our event, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our fellow gamers.

This year’s roster of broadcasters represented our largest, most diverse range of participating streamers from across the internet. Over 215 campaigns were created to smash past the fundraising goal. Collectively, these campaigns were supported by over 9,800 individual donations.

Together we laughed, we cried, we painted, we dressed as hot dogs, and some of us will be dying our hair like it’s the 90s. The collective list of streamers who participated can be found here. Our heartfelt thanks go out to each of them, as well as everyone who donated. It’s a very gracious thing to give your time, platform, and money to a cause. We can’t wait for you to see the impact your efforts will have.

Gamers for Giving is a driving force behind our programs. Thousands of children benefit from Gamers Outreach programs across hundreds of hospitals each year. The funds raised will help grow our program impact and maintain our existing activity.

Many of the streamers who participated were able to fund GO Karts – portable video game kiosks that ensure games are mobile and secure in hospitals. We estimate the funds generated by this weekend’s event can provide as many as 604,000 new play sessions to hospitalized kids EACH YEAR! We’re excited to get this new wave of GO Karts constructed for hospitals in the coming months!

Speaking of programs, we announced a whole bunch of exciting news for Gamers Outreach! In case you missed it, we…

  • Unveiled a new website, modernized logo, and merch!
  • Welcomed two new board members.
  • Launched The GRID, our new monthly giving community.
  • Announced Save Point – a new program that provides kids with toys, gaming codes, & fun swag.
  • Announced Portal – a new program to help manage video game content & devices.

Finally, this year’s fundraising effort was also made possible thanks to a number of incredible partners. We’re fortunate to have backing from some truly wonderful companies who collectively donated nearly $400,000 leading into the weekend fundraiser.

A special shoutout is deserved for GameAbove, an association of Eastern Michigan University alumni. Their $150,000 contribution is a continued showing of support for Gamers Outreach programs.

Khalid Walton, one of the advisory board members, had this to say: “GameAbove members clearly see the positive results of the work and give-back spirit by Gamers Outreach and Zach [Founder of Gamers Outreach/EMU graduate]. We are very committed to supporting EMU alumni who go the extra mile with charitable endeavors and who have organizations, ideas and programs doing good in the community, particularly with assisting today’s youth. Zach is a product of this EMU spirit.

Gamers Outreach wouldn’t exist without ongoing support from the gaming community and the tireless dedication of hospital staff making a difference in the lives of kids and their families.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to be a champion for kids in hospitals. As gamers, it’s been an honor to make this work a reality. We’re committed to making a difference during this pandemic and beyond. Games can help kids facing isolation, and they’re a resource for hospital staff who are stretched thin. We’re here to support them.

Assuming it’s safe to do so, we fully intend to bring back our LAN party in 2022. This past year has been a period of growth as a team and as a community. We’re looking forward to exercising everything we’ve learned when we see you all again at Gamers for Giving next year. Until then, be sure to follow our activity on Twitter and our website. We’ll be sharing ongoing updates on our progress, as well as news of next year’s event when the time comes.

Thank you for making Gamers for Giving 2021 a record year! You’ve helped others level up!