Game for a Cause.

Play and compete for charity at one of Michigan's largest gaming events.

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Photos are up!

We’ve just uploaded a huge batch of photos from Gamers for Giving 2016 over on our Facebook page. Feel free to tag yourself, or share the photos with friends! Did you take any photos during the event you’d like to share? Send us an email at! We’d love to include your pics in our…

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And the final number is…

The results are in! Thanks to attendee entry fees, donations during the event, our fabulous stream team, and our sponsors, the grand total raised during Gamers for Giving 2016 was… $172,494.55! Wowza!! Here’s how that all broke down: Raffle tickets, merch, donations at booth: $18,659.55 Matching donation from anonymous contributor: $7,000 Entry fees & streamer…

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