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Participate in Michigan's largest video game event for charity.

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Photos are up!

Photos from Gamers for Giving 2015 have been posted to our Facebook page! See the full album by clicking here. Unless otherwise labeled, photo credit belongs to the Gamers Outreach content team! Special thanks to Kevin Mills, David Saunders, Kaytlyn Saunders, Derick Todd, Michael Fossbakk, Scott Hespen, Justin Joye, Brian Johnson, Maher El-Awar, and Jon…

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And the final number is…

The results are in! Thanks to attendee entry fees, donations during the event,¬†online donations, and the fundraising efforts of our stream team, the grand total raised during Gamers for Giving 2015 was a whopping $57,372.41! We more than doubled our original goal of $25K! This is a new fundraising record for Gamers Outreach, and makes…

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