2022 Partners


GameAbove is a group of Eastern Michigan University (EMU) alumni dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students and faculty. To date, $20 million has been committed to supporting a variety of initiatives that advance the capacity and well-being of the University’s community.

Aim Lab

Aim Lab is the ultimate FPS/TPS training solution. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Aim Lab helps you to become better and faster with your shots. We're excited to have Aim Lab as a partner this year!


NZXT is one of the world’s leading providers of PC components and custom gaming PCs. They’ve been a multi-year supporter of Gamers for Giving and our organization’s programs. We even collaborated on a PUBG-themed PC case.

Truman Factory

Inspired by watching kids on Shark Tank and his favorite movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Gen Z entrepreneur Truman Wilson created The Truman Factory - a candy platform focused on what his peer group loves most – gaming, tech, candy...and Golden Tickets!

APEX Hosting

APEX Hosting is a server hosting solution for Minecraft, which is really great because we spend a lot of time hunting diamonds. Minecraft is one of the most-played gamed in hospitals we support, and we're proud to have APEX's support!


Xbox is a video game brand created by Microsoft. Xbox consoles come equipped on GO Karts and allow patients gaming experiences during their hospital stay. For nearly a decade, Xbox has teamed up with us to bring joy to kids and families.