Gamers for Giving is a fundraiser that provides entertainment devices to hospitalized children. Please consider supporting the cause by making a donation

Gamers for Giving 2022 is our 14th annual fundraiser in support of Gamers Outreach programs.

Since the founding of our event in 2008, we’ve grown into a community of video game enthusiasts eager to make a difference for hospitalized children and their families.

Being in a hospital is often a lonely, isolating, and scary experience – especially for young people. We’ve seen it firsthand, and we’re doing everything we can to ease those burdens. Our intent is to inspire and heal patients through interactive play.

Our annual fundraiser, Gamers for Giving, is a celebration of gaming culture and the good we’re capable of doing together.

Through the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with hospitals nationwide. We’ve noticed healthcare professionals face two primary challenges:

  • Many hospitals are not equipped with entertainment devices that make gaming content readily accessible to patients (e.g. consoles, controllers, monitors, games, etc.)
  • When technology is present, it can be difficult for hospital staff to manage entertainment due to a number of factors (unfamiliarity with equipment, existing responsibilities, ease of mobility, etc.)

Gamers for Giving generates funding in support of initiatives we believe help produce joy and minimize trauma for patients.

So how much progress have we made? Check out everything we’ve accomplished in our latest annual report.

We’ve made a massive impact – but there’s still much more to accomplish.

We want to build a world where all kids have access to play without needing to wait a turn. That means providing the right type of devices, as well as the right quantity.

Additionally, we’re actively maintaining our existing presence. It takes resources to ensure hospital staff have the latest equipment and can request support if questions arise.

This year’s Gamers for Giving is another step towards realizing our dream: giving all hospitalized kids access to play.

We need all the assistance we can rally to achieve this year’s fundraising goal. Here’s how you can help:

  • Fundraise: We’ve partnered with Tiltify to help you fundraise online. Through their platform, you can start a fundraiser, or even host an online stream broadcast to bring gaming to a hospital in your community. Launch or support a campaign under the Gamers for Giving event page here.
  • Donate: Any amount helps! Donations can be made on the Tiltify page here.
  • Watch: We’ll be streaming the event during the course of the weekend. Check out our Stream Schedule for details!
  • Spread the word! Help share Gamers for Giving hype on social media! Sharing our cause with friends our promoting broadcasters can go a long way in building the conversation. Be sure to use our hashtag #GFG2022!

Gamers Outreach wouldn’t exist without ongoing support from the gaming community. Games are helping kids face isolation, and they’re a resource for hospital staff who are stretched thin.

We’ll see you on March 26th and 27th! Let’s help others level up!