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Have a question not listed in the FAQ section below? Drop us a line via one of the following methods…

Email: contact@gamersoutreach.org
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Q: How do I stream in support of Gamers for Giving?
A: Check out our stream guide to get your campaign started!

Q: I’m interested in attending Gamers for Giving, but want to pay at the door. Is that possible?
A: All tickets are sold online in advance. We will sell LAN seats / team passes at the door if there are any available, but last year’s event was entirely sold out.

Q: Are outside food / drinks allowed at Gamers for Giving?
A: Yes, attendees are allowed to bring outside food and beverages into the venue. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Q: I represent a company interested in sponsoring / partnering with Gamers Outreach. Who should I contact?
A: ┬áSend us an email at contact@gamersoutreach.org with the subject line “Sponsorship.”

Q: Why do LAN attendees only get two electrical outlets?
A: We have a limited amount of electricity to dispense at the event. Each person gets an allotted amount to prevent the entire event from losing power.

Q: If I want to have more than 2 electrical outlets, or bring multiple monitors, what should I do?
A: You are welcome to buy an additional seat in the LAN to accommodate your set-up and impress your LAN neighbors. Alternatively, VIP seats come with 3 electrical outlets.

Q: I’d like to come to Gamers for Giving and spectate / hang out with my friends. Is there any fee for that?
A: Gamers for Giving is free for spectators. Please visit the event check-in desk when you arrive, located at the venue entrance.

Q: Does Gamers Outreach provide security at the event?
A: Gamers Outreach will be working with the EMU Convocation Center to provide an on-site security force at the event. Ultimately, the responsibility of your belongings is yours – but we take every measure we can to ensure a safe experience for our attendees.

Q: What happens if there’s a technical issue that causes a tournament to be delayed / canceled?
A: In the event of a technical issue, such as a power or internet outage, Gamers Outreach staff will make every effort to ensure affected tournaments take place online at a later date. Staff reserve the right to modify or cancel activities in the event postponement is not possible.

Q: I’m a member of the press and am interested in covering Gamers for Giving. Do I need any credentials? Who can I contact for information?
A: Press do not need any special credentials to access Gamers for Giving. If you would like to request interviews or need additional information, drop us a line via contact@gamersoutreach.org with the subject line “Press Inquiry.”

Q: I just want to visit the event as a spectator. Do I need a pass?
A: There is no fee to spectate at Gamers for Giving. Visit the check-in desk when you arrive to receive credentials.