Forums Created

Looking for that 4th player to round out your Gamers for Giving Halo team? Interested in discussing PC games with fellow Gamers for Giving LAN attendees? Now you can! We’ve just launched the Gamers for Giving 2014 Forums over on the LANFest website. The forums are accessible to anyone who has an account with LANFest, which should be true for just about everybody who already has or plans to register for Gamers for Giving.

If you have any questions about the event that require an answer from Gamers Outreach directly, send us an email via, or hit us up on Twitter, @GamersOutreach.

CoD Champs Qualifiers


Late last week, news broke from Major League Gaming that the 2014 Call of Duty Championship qualifiers would be hosted online. Rather than gaining entry through live events, players will have the opportunity to participate in two online qualifiers on the dates of February 1st and February 8th

Fortunately, for those players interested in making the run for Champs, it’s possible to participate in both Gamers for Giving and attempt to qualify! Here’s how it works…

Step 1) Call of Duty players can purchase seats in the Gamers for Giving LAN party to participate in the CoD Champs qualifier on February 8th. Aside from being able to take advantage of Eastern Michigan University’s godlike internet connection, players will benefit from the opportunity to compete with teammates together in a live environment. For teams who are interested, we are also exploring the possibility of showcasing certain qualifier matches on the Gamers for Giving live stream.

Step 2) For those players who are also interested in competing in the Gamers for Giving Call of Duty tournament (a separate activity from the LAN mentioned above), we will be making special arrangements to delay matches in the bracket to accommodate the schedule of the CoD Champs Qualifiers. Players who wish to compete in the CoD Champs Qualifiers can do so from the LAN of Gamers for Giving (see Step 1). Given our Call of Duty tournament goes through both Saturday and Sunday, we expect that, at worst, the tournament may take some extra time to complete in the afternoon on Sunday due to potential delays. Details on how the matches will flow during the tournament will be explained on-site at the event. Team passes can be purchased here.

We hope to see you at Gamers for Giving on February 8th and 9th!

More PC LAN Activities


We’ve expanded the list of activities for PC gamers attending Gamers for Giving 2014! Below is an updated schedule detailing what PC gamers will be able to expect at this year’s event. Keep in mind, free play activities occur throughout the entire duration of the LAN. Many of your LAN neighbors will want to play the same games as you, so don’t be shy! Gamers for Giving is a chance to meet new like-minded gamers and make friends.

We’ve also created a Forum for this year’s event over on the LANFest website. Registered members of the LANFest website can discuss what games they plan on bringing to the event. You can also use the forum as a way to find teammates for tournaments.

LAN Activities

  • On-site Servers:
    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive Free Play & Tournament (Sunday).
    • Team Fortress 2 Free Play Server.
    • Chivalry FFA Tournament (Sunday).
  • Online Activities
    • League of Legends Headline Tournament (Saturday & Sunday. See Tournaments page).
    • StarCraft 2: Headline Tournament (Saturday. See Tournaments page).
    • Battlefield 4 Free Play.
    • DayZ Server.
    • Dota 2 Tournament (Sunday).
  • Other Activities
    • Free Red Bull for event participants.
    • Raffle with hardware prizes from LANFest sponsors.
    • PC Benchmarking Contest.
    • PC Case Mod Contest judged by CPU Magazine.

Special Guest: Bonnie “Xena” Burton


Exciting news for those who love Halo! Yet another special guest from the gaming community will be joining us at Gamers for Giving 2014! Bonnie “Xena” Burton will be on site managing this year’s Halo 4 tournament!

At the young age of 12, Bonnie Burton became Major League Gaming’s first professional female gamer in Halo. She competed in the league for five years before turning her attention to marketing, where she’s spent the last five years assisting various companies at major gaming trade shows across the US. Aside from her experience as a competitive player, Bonnie was selected as G4TV’s E3 Booth Babe in 2010, and has been featured for her skills as a gamer in publications ranging from Wired and USA Today, to ESPN and MTV’s True Life series.

Don’t worry, Halo players. Bonnie will be participating in this year’s Gamers for Giving as the head moderator for our Halo 4 tournament. You won’t have to worry about running up against her in the brackets.

We hope to see you at Gamers for Giving 2014 on February 8th & 9th! Halo 4 Team Passes can be purchased here.

League & StarCraft Settings Posted

The competition guidelines for both League of Legends & StarCraft 2 have been posted! Players who wish to compete in either of these tournaments need only purchase a ticket in the BYOC LAN. All PC attendees are eligible to compete in the Gamers for Giving LANFest tournaments. Team information and registration will be conducted on site at the event.

Settings for both tournaments can be found below. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line via or on Twitter, @GamersOutreach.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swam Settings

League of Legends Settings

Ghosts Settings Posted

We’ve just uploaded the full list of settings for the Gamers for Giving 2014 Call of Duty Ghosts tournament. A full breakdown of the settings, gametypes, and rules for the tournament can be found here.

Team passes for the Call of Duty Ghosts tournament are $160 online, and $200 at the door. Passes can be purchased here.

Additionally, we also ask that all participating teams plan to bring their Xbox 360 Ghosts game discs to the event. While we are in the process of securing game discs for the entire tournament, it’s safest at this point for all participating players to plan on bringing their own. Should Gamers Outreach be able to provide all stations with game discs, an announcement will be posted on the Gamers for Giving website.

We look forward to seeing you on February 8th & 9th at the Eastern Michigan University Student Center!

More Prizes!

We’ve got great news for folks who plan on participating in the Gamers for Giving 2014 League of Legends tournament! In addition to our guaranteed $2,250 prize pool, Riot Games will be supporting this year’s tournament by awarding RP to players who finish in 1st – 4th place! To make the pot just a bit sweeter, each player on the winning team will also receive a “Triumphant Ryze” skin, which is only available to players who compete and win supported Riot Games tournaments.

The total prize structure for the League of Legends tournament now breaks down as follows…

1st Place: $1,500 Team Award | Trimphant Ryze Skins | 3200 RP per player

2nd Place: $750 Team Award | 2400 RP per player

3rd Place: 1600 RP per player

4th Place: 800 RP per player

Remember, if you wish to participate in the League of Legends tournament, you only need to purchase a ticket for the BYOC LAN. All tickets can be purchased here. We hope to see you February 8th & 9th at Eastern Michigan University!

Registration has opened!

Registration for Gamers for Giving 2014 has opened! Team passes and tickets for the PC / console LAN party are now on sale! Tickets for all activities can be pre-purchased online through the Intel LANFest website, similar to last year. We recommend all attendees purchase their tickets in advance, as spots are only guaranteed once tickets have been purchased. Our event activities typically sell out, so it is highly recommended anyone interested in participating not wait until the day before or the day of.

Ticket prices for each event are as follows…

  • PC & Console LAN party: $25 Online | $35 At the Door
  • Call of Duty Ghosts Team Pass: $160 Online | $200 At the Door
  • Halo 4 Team Pass: $100 Online | $140 At the Door
  • Killer Instinct Pass: $20 Online | $30 At the Door

Remember, if you wish to participate in the League of Legends or StarCraft 2 tournament, you only need to purchase a seat in the LAN. All LAN attendees are eligible to participate in our PC tournaments.

We hope to see you on February 8th & 9th at Eastern Michigan University! Register here.

Gamers for Giving Returns!

At last, the time has come! Welcome to the brand new, the source for all the latest information related to Gamers Outreach Foundation’s annual fundraising event, Gamers for Giving!

First and foremost, we’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Sean Farrell and Dan Philibin, who volunteered their time and talents to design this new website for us. Props guys!

Gamers for Giving 2014 will take place on February 8th and 9th within the Eastern Michigan University Student Center. We’ll once again be teaming up with the Intel LANFest series and the student government of Eastern Michigan University to bring you a weekend of competitive gaming & LAN activities for console and PC gamers alike!

Since its inception in 2008, Gamers for Giving has become one of the premier gaming events in the Midwest. In short, Gamers for Giving is a competitive video game tournament combined with a BYOC (bring your own computer/console) LAN party. Proceeds from the event’s activities are used to fund charity initiatives managed by Gamers Outreach Foundation, such as building portable gaming carts for children’s hospitals, and sending video game care packages to U.S. troops overseas. The event provides video game enthusiasts with an opportunity to combine passion for gaming with charitable action.

Headline tournaments / activities include…

  • PC / Console LAN party by Intel LANFest
    • League of Legends Tournament
    • StarCraft 2 Tournament
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Tournament
  • Halo 4 Tournament
  • Killer Instinct Tournament
  • Live stream produced by Kona’s Korner Productions

Additional exhibition activities can be found in the Info section of our website. We’ll be releasing more information as the event draws close, so be on the look out for updates.

We hope to see you at Gamers for Giving this February! Check us out on Facebook & Twitter if you’d like to stay in touch.