Guest Feature: Goldenboy


Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez joined the gaming scene years ago as a competitor when he experienced the same competitive sensations behind the controller as he had as an athlete throughout high school. His love for esports led to pursuing tournament titles in Halo, Call of Duty, and even Asphalt 4 for the cell phone.

His lovable personality and positive reputation as a community mentor unexpectedly put him at the forefront of the industry when, in 2011 at the MLG National Championships for Black Ops, Alex was invited to cast an event. Since then, he has been invited to host and cast events for ReedPop, Microsoft, Square-Enix, Sony, Activision, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, MLG, IPL. WCG, UMG, ESL, Paradox Interactive… ok, basically everybody.

Goldenboy will be bringing back his luscious voice and charm to Gamers for Giving for the fourth year in a row. You’ll be able to catch Goldenboy on various stream broadcasts during the event, and word has it he even plans to stream a bit himself!

Be sure to show him some love on Twitter, and say hello during the event!

We’ll see you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!

Welcome Lightstream


Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have met a number of generous people in gaming. One such group at the top of our list is the crew from Lightstream (formerly Infiniscene). If you’re not already familiar, the people at Lightstream are a collection of industry veterans who’ve been making content creation easier and more accessible than ever before. Their broadcast studio is an intuitive platform that empowers gamers to quickly stream their own gameplay through websites like YouTube and Twitch.

In addition to supporting our fundraising efforts at our last Gamers for Giving event, Lightstream recently matched more than $12,000 in donations to help construct GO Karts for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Their enthusiasm for our cause has been inspiring, and words can’t adequately express how thankful we are to have their support!

Lightstream is joining us once again at this year’s Gamers for Giving! You’ll find them in our streamer area, working with our team of streamers to spread the love across the interwebs.

Be sure to give them a shout on Twitter and Facebook!

We’ll see you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!

Guest Feature: Ms Vixen


GO Kart builder and champion of charity causes, Lanai “Ms Vixen” Gara will be joining us at Gamers for Giving 2017!

Considered one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch, Lanai specializes in First Person Shooters and was formerly ranked #1 in the world for Call of Duty World at War in Free For All in 08-09! Due to her competitive spirit, Lanai never turns down a good fight and her out-going personality has made her a fan favorite among the gaming industry.

Be sure to give her some love on Facebook and Twitter, and check out her stream this weekend during Gamers for Giving!

We’ll see you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!

Zowie Supports Gamers for Giving


Today, we’re excited to welcome Zowie a brand by BENQ as a sponsor of Gamers for Giving 2017! A longtime supporter of our efforts, Zowie / BENQ will once again be providing us with equipment for use at our annual fundraising event.

Zowie is the leading monitor brand for competitive gamers. The company delivers a broad range of projectors, flat panel displays, and monitors for any application. Their cutting-edge models lead the industry in performance, reliability, environmental sustainability, and aesthetics.

BENQ monitors will be deployed throughout the Gamers for Giving Halo and Call of Duty tournaments.

We’re incredibly thankful to have BENQ’s support. Be sure to show them some love on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their products during this year’s event!

We’ll see you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!

DXRacer Sponsors Gamers for Giving


As fellow racing fans, we’re always glad to work with the folks at DXRacer, and the company will once again be joining us as a sponsor of Gamers for Giving!

DXRacer chairs are known for their race car aesthetic, but are also ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and proper posture during late night gaming sessions.

As a company that is local to Ann Arbor, Michigan, we’re proud to welcome DXRacer as a sponsor of Gamers for Giving 2017.

DXRacer will be equipping our streaming area with their chars, and we may even have a few units as prizing. The company’s support will help us make an even larger difference in hospitals across the country.

Be sure to give DXRacer a follow on Twitter, and Facebook!

We’ll see you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!

Local 4 Detroit

Gamers Outreach founder Zach Wigal had the chance to stop by Local 4 Detroit this morning and discuss this weekend’s big fundraising event! Check out the segment below, brought to you by our Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers!

DreamHack Supports Gamers for Giving



The mecca of LAN enthusiasts.

For years we’ve admired their illustrious events from afar, hoping to one day make the journey to Sweden and participate in the world’s most epic gaming extravaganza.

DreamHack started in November 1994 when Kenny “K2-ICE” Eklund and Martin “DH_admin” Öjes rented the local school cafeteria in the small city Malung, Sweden and invited their computer enthusiast friends to join them for a weekend of coding and hacking.

Today DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter are the world’s largest digital festivals, the indisputable largest LAN parties in the world with over 26,000 visitors, 22,483 unique devices in the network each and close to 10 000 visitors who enjoy DreamHack with their own computer. DreamHack also features world class esports events, DreamExpo, cosplay and a celebration on all things Internet happening several times each year all around the world.


Our team was incredibly excited when DreamHack announced their expansion to the U.S. – and we hope to see their events bolster the LAN community here in the states.

On that note, we’re incredibly proud to welcome DreamHack on board as a supporter of Gamers for Giving 2017! Gamers Outreach is partnering with DreamHack to equip our streamers with an allotment of high-end broadcast PCs. You can also expect to see our crew at a few of their events (TBA) throughout 2017.

We’re inspired by the DreamHack team and all they’ve accomplished over the years for the gaming community. Show them some love on Facebook and Twitter, and join us in welcoming them to Gamers for Giving 2017!

We’ll see you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!

Guest Feature: Walshy


Known within the competitive gaming community as “Walshy,” David Walsh is a man who’s identity has become synonymous with the world of esports. As one of the original pioneers for competitive gaming on consoles, Walshy is a three time Major League Gaming National Champion, and boasts a resume inked with victories across multiple tournaments from around the world.

His desire to contribute to the progression of the video game industry has extended into game development. Having recently earned a Computer Science degree at Grand Valley State University, Walshy now resides in Seattle, where he works as a Technical Designer for First Strike Games.

Outside his new career, Walshy continues to host esports events worldwide, and recently completed a hosting gig at the Halo World Championship. For Halo fans, Walshy provides unparalleled in-depth analysis of pro game play, drawing on his former experience as a top Halo competitor.

Walshy serves on the Board of Directors for Gamers Outreach, and has been an advocate of our efforts since 2008. Gamers for Giving attendees will be able to find Walshy hosting our main broadcast stream from this year’s event, hosted at

Be sure to say hello to Walshy if you make it to the event! You can also hit him up on Twitter to let him know you’ll be attending.

We look forward to seeing you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!

Local Servers


Are you a PC gamer who attends a LAN party to, you know, actually play on the LAN? Well, we’ve got good news! We plan on hosting a number of local servers at this year’s event. Here’s what we’ll be running:

  • Minecraft
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Trouble In Terrorist Town
  • Half Life 2: Deathmatch
  • Public CS:GO Servers
  • Tournament CS:GO Servers

A full rundown of activities we’re planning for the LAN can be found on the LAN Party section of the Gamers for Giving website.

We’ll see you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!

*Image credit Tim Seppala, Engadget

Special Guest: Hiko


Professional Counter-Strike player Spencer “Hiko” Martin will be joining us as a special guest at Gamers for Giving 2017!

As a youngin’, Hiko grew up playing football, hockey, and baseball until a sports injury gave him some time to play video games for a summer. It was at that point video games started to become a thing. After many years of channeling his competitive spirit into PC gaming, Hiko rose to prominence in the esports scene after his team took home a third place finish in the first major CS: GO tournament at ESWC 2012. Now, Hiko is one of the world’s top competitors.

Last year, through an online stream at the event, Hiko was able to raise enough money to build two GO Karts for hospitals in Michigan. We’ll be showcasing the units he constructed at this year’s event, and he’ll once again be streaming live over on his Twitch channel!


Be sure to show him some love on Twitter or Facebook, and say hello if you’re able to come out to the event!

We’ll see you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center.