Gamers for Giving 2020 Begins!

The big weekend has finally arrived, and this year, it’s all ONLINE! Welcome to Gamers for Giving 2020!

Over the next two days, we’re hoping to raise $700,000 in support of providing entertainment to hospitalized children and their families.

Being in the hospital can be a scary, isolating experience – especially for young people. Games help change all that by giving kids a chance to play, build, learn, and socialize.

$700,000 is a huge goal, and we can’t reach it without your help! Here’s a reminder on how to get involved:

  • Donate: Any amount helps! Donations can be made on our Tiltify portal here!
  • Fundraise: Anyone can start a fundraising campaign and stream in support of Gamers Outreach. Learn how here!
  • Watch: We’re streaming LIVE alongside a number of wonderful content creators! Here’s the full listing!
  • Spread the word: Help share Gamers for Giving hype on social media! Link to our website, and let your friends know what’s happening! Use the hashtag #GFG2020 on Twitter!

Every dollar helps us bring activities to kids in hospitals. $10 can help us ship a small care package. $30 can help buy a new controller. $60 can help provide a new game. $100 can equip a GO Kart with an Xbox Adaptive Controller. $300 powers up a console. $3,500 is enough to build, deliver, and maintain a GO Kart for multiple years!

This weekend, let’s help others level up. We’ll see you on stream!