HCS at Gamers for Giving 2019

Halo is the cornerstone franchise from which Gamers Outreach & Gamers for Giving were born. Since our inaugural event in 2008, we’ve been proud to host a Halo tournament at every single Gamers for Giving fundraiser through the past decade!

Next year, we’re doubling down. We’re excited to reveal Gamers for Giving 2019 has been selected as a destination event for the HCS Grassroots Program. We’re kicking off the next decade the same way our first began – with an open bracket 4 vs 4 Halo 3 tournament.*

We plan to announce details around the tournament (settings, prize pool, bracket size) in the coming weeks. Team passes will go on sale in January.

Gamers for Giving 2019 will take place on March 23rd & 24th at the EMU Convocation Center. You can read more about next year’s event here.

Be sure to follow the Gamers for Giving blog as well as the Gamers Outreach Twitter account for all the latest updates. We hope to see you there! LOCK IT UP!

*An earlier version of this post noted the Halo 3 tournament as being 2v2. It has since been changed to 4v4.