Welcome Back, CablesAndKits!

Gamers for Giving 2018 is shaping up to be an incredible event, and much of it will be made possible thanks to our sponsoring donors and partners.

To kick off our first sponsorship announcement of 2018, we’re proud to recognize CablesAndKits for their ongoing support of Gamers Outreach and Gamers for Giving!

CablesAndKits is one of the most recognized pre-owned/refurbished Cisco network equipment dealers in the US and one of the largest Cisco network accessory suppliers in the world! They’re a fantastic resource for IT professionals, and for the past seven years, have been part of Inc Magazine’s list of 5000 Fasted Growing Companies.

Since our move to the EMU Convocation Center, CablesAndKits has donated thousands of dollars worth of networking equipment in support of Gamers for Giving. Their contribution has empowered us to raise hundreds of thousands more, expanding the impact of Gamers Outreach programs, ultimately benefiting children and families in hospitals.

As you can imagine, producing a large LAN party takes significant planning and IT resources. Thanks to support from CablesAndKits, we’re able to keep our network gear fully up-to-date to ensure seamless gaming experiences for all attendees! While this equipment is more “behind-the-scenes” type stuff – it’s an absolutely vital component of Gamers for Giving being a reality!

If you’ve got a bit of time, please be sure to send CablesAndKits a note of appreciation on their Facebook or Twitter pages. We’re grateful for their support, and can’t wait for you to play some games on all their shiny new gear!

We can’t wait for you to experience their networking-goodness on April 28th & 29th at the EMU Convocation Center!