More PC LAN Activities


We’ve expanded the list of activities for PC gamers attending Gamers for Giving 2014! Below is an updated schedule detailing what PC gamers will be able to expect at this year’s event. Keep in mind, free play activities occur throughout the entire duration of the LAN. Many of your LAN neighbors will want to play the same games as you, so don’t be shy! Gamers for Giving is a chance to meet new like-minded gamers and make friends.

We’ve also created a Forum for this year’s event over on the LANFest website. Registered members of the LANFest website can discuss what games they plan on bringing to the event. You can also use the forum as a way to find teammates for tournaments.

LAN Activities

  • On-site Servers:
    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive Free Play & Tournament (Sunday).
    • Team Fortress 2 Free Play Server.
    • Chivalry FFA Tournament (Sunday).
  • Online Activities
    • League of Legends Headline Tournament (Saturday & Sunday. See Tournaments page).
    • StarCraft 2: Headline Tournament (Saturday. See Tournaments page).
    • Battlefield 4 Free Play.
    • DayZ Server.
    • Dota 2 Tournament (Sunday).
  • Other Activities
    • Free Red Bull for event participants.
    • Raffle with hardware prizes from LANFest sponsors.
    • PC Benchmarking Contest.
    • PC Case Mod Contest judged by CPU Magazine.