CoD Champs Qualifiers


Late last week, news broke from Major League Gaming that the 2014 Call of Duty Championship qualifiers would be hosted online. Rather than gaining entry through live events, players will have the opportunity to participate in two online qualifiers on the dates of February 1st and February 8th

Fortunately, for those players interested in making the run for Champs, it’s possible to participate in both Gamers for Giving and attempt to qualify! Here’s how it works…

Step 1) Call of Duty players can purchase seats in the Gamers for Giving LAN party to participate in the CoD Champs qualifier on February 8th. Aside from being able to take advantage of Eastern Michigan University’s godlike internet connection, players will benefit from the opportunity to compete with teammates together in a live environment. For teams who are interested, we are also exploring the possibility of showcasing certain qualifier matches on the Gamers for Giving live stream.

Step 2) For those players who are also interested in competing in the Gamers for Giving Call of Duty tournament (a separate activity from the LAN mentioned above), we will be making special arrangements to delay matches in the bracket to accommodate the schedule of the CoD Champs Qualifiers. Players who wish to compete in the CoD Champs Qualifiers can do so from the LAN of Gamers for Giving (see Step 1). Given our Call of Duty tournament goes through both Saturday and Sunday, we expect that, at worst, the tournament may take some extra time to complete in the afternoon on Sunday due to potential delays. Details on how the matches will flow during the tournament will be explained on-site at the event. Team passes can be purchased here.

We hope to see you at Gamers for Giving on February 8th and 9th!