Gamers for Giving 2018 tournament information will be posted in the coming weeks.

All attendees participating in tournaments or the LAN must bring a signed waiver / parental consent form (if under 18). The waiver can be downloaded here.

Gamers for Giving 2018 will feature headline tournaments with cash prize pools. All prize pools are guaranteed. Sponsors and partners help cover the event prize pools. Attendee entry fees and donations are used strictly for Gamers Outreach charity programs.

Tournaments will be hosted for both PC and console gaming enthusiasts. PC gamers need only purchase a seat in the BYOC LAN to participate in our PC tournaments.

Players are allowed to compete in multiple tournaments, so long as their involvement in said tournaments does not cause significant delays for other participants (at the discretion of tournament moderators). In general, moderators will accommodate players in such circumstances by slightly delaying matches or completing other portions of the tournament bracket. However, in the event that adjustments can no longer be made, players may be forced to forfeit a match. Players assume all responsibility for such an occurrence.