Guest Feature: Wintergaming


Joining us as a member of the Gamers Outreach stream team, local StarCraft hero Evan “Winter” Ballnik will be broadcasting live to help raise funds at Gamers for Giving!

With thousands of games of StarCraft 2 logged, Winter is one of the few players in the world to reach Grandmaster Random (all 3 races) in StarCraft 2. Now a full-time streamer, Winter focus on producing entertaining, educational, and enjoyable StarCraft content on his Twitch and YouTube channels.

During last year’s Gamers for Giving, Winter streamed for 32 consecutive hours, (woa) and held down casting duties for both our StarCraft and Counter-Strike tournaments, along with some of our other crew members.

This year, Winter will be joining us in a designated stream lounge, broadcasting alongside other streamers to build GO Karts for hospitalized children around the country.

Winter is also sponsoring this year’s StarCraft tournament! Praise be!

Be sure to show him some support on Twitter and Facebook, and say hello on April 1st & 2nd!