Guest Feature: Walshy


Known within the competitive gaming community as “Walshy,” David Walsh is a man who’s identity has become synonymous with the world of esports. As one of the original pioneers for competitive gaming on consoles, Walshy is a three time Major League Gaming National Champion, and boasts a resume inked with victories across multiple tournaments from around the world.

His desire to contribute to the progression of the video game industry has extended into game development. Having recently earned a Computer Science degree at Grand Valley State University, Walshy now resides in Seattle, where he works as a Technical Designer for First Strike Games.

Outside his new career, Walshy continues to host esports events worldwide, and recently completed a hosting gig at the Halo World Championship. For Halo fans, Walshy provides unparalleled in-depth analysis of pro game play, drawing on his former experience as a top Halo competitor.

Walshy serves on the Board of Directors for Gamers Outreach, and has been an advocate of our efforts since 2008. Gamers for Giving attendees will be able to find Walshy hosting our main broadcast stream from this year’s event, hosted at

Be sure to say hello to Walshy if you make it to the event! You can also hit him up on Twitter to let him know you’ll be attending.

We look forward to seeing you on April 1st and 2nd at the EMU Convocation Center!