Michigan CAT Powers Gamers for Giving

MICAT Outlined

When it comes to running gaming tournaments, ensuring your event has sufficient power is kinda important. For a LAN party of our size, locking down the right equipment can also get kinda expensive!

That’s why we’re excited to announce Michigan CAT has stepped forward with plans to BRING THE JUICE! Electricity, that is.

The folks from Michigan CAT have been gracious enough to donate a large quantity of materials and resources to make sure this year’s event has adequate hardware to keep your high-wattage power supplies humming with ease.

While this is more a “behind-the-scenes” sponsorship, powering the event is obviously very important! Thanks to Michigan CAT’s help, we’ve been able to off-set a large number of costs normally associated with hosting the Gamers for Giving LAN party.

Please note: this doesn’t change our 2 outlet rule (see here).  Individuals participating in the BYOC LAN are limited to 2 electrical outlets per seat. We carefully distribute the electricity throughout the venue to ensure everyone has adequate power for their equipment. Daisy chaining power strips or exceeding the use of 2 outlets per seat in any way is STRICTLY prohibited!

We’re excited to have Michigan CAT’s support, and hope this is the start of a longstanding relationship!

We look forward to seeing you all on April 1 & 2 at the EMU Convocation Center!