Discord Server


Big news! We’ve just launched a Gamers for Giving Discord server! If you’re looking for a way to communicate with Gamers for Giving attendees or our staff, come join us on the platform!

The Gamers for Giving server is open to the public, and can be found here:

In case you’re not familiar: Discord is a new communication platform built specifically for gamers. It’s a friendly, accessible alternative to software like Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, and Skype.

Throughout Gamers for Giving, our staff will be making use of the Discord server to convey important announcements, relay tournament information, and provide you with an outlet to communicate with other attendees.

This server is especially important for PC gamers participating in the LAN. Many of our event announcements will be conveyed through Discord, so be sure to make an account and get prepared for this year’s event!

We’ll see you on March 12th & 13th at the EMU Convocation Center!