And the final number is…


The results are in! Thanks to attendee entry fees, donations we received on-site, Peggle 2 entries, as well as PayPal donations and excess sponsorship, Gamers for Giving 2014 was able to raise a total of $20,682.37!!

For those curious, here’s how the numbers broke down…

  • Online Registration & donations (pre-event): $12,970.00
  • Raffle ticket sales, Peggle, door sales, and on-site donations: $5,510.00
  • Stream donations, mail-in donations, and excess sponsorship: $2,202.37

Total = $20,682.37

This is absolutely incredible news! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this year’s event, we were able to surpass our $20,000 fundraising goal in support of Gamers Outreach programs in 2014.

As mentioned during this year’s event, Project GO Kart (our initiative which provides portable video game carts to kids in hospitals) currently serves ~6,000 children per year. We estimate that on average, one cart is used by 3 children each day in the hospital environment (1 cart = ~1,100 children benefiting per year). With funds on hold since last year (as we’ve waited for the Xbox One to launch) Gamers Outreach will be constructing an additional 4 carts, bringing the total number of children served by the program to 10,000 kids per year by the end of Summer.


Now, with the addition of funds raised at Gamers for Giving 2014, we’ll be able to increase that number to nearly 15,000 children per year. In addition to the resources generated by Gamers for Giving, if additional fundraising efforts take place throughout the year, it’s very possible Project GO Kart could be serving nearly 20,000 children or more by the end of 2014. That means that in a single year, thanks to all the generous people who supported Gamers for Giving, the Project GO Kart initiative could triple its current size. That’s really amazing.

On the military end of the spectrum, for those who’ve been keeping up with Fun For Our Troops, you’ll know that we spent much of last year relocating our donated games inventory to our home base in Michigan. Currently, we’re sitting on a mountain of video games that are ready to be sent overseas to deployed troops. Thanks to Gamers for Giving, a portion of the funds raised at this year’s event will be used to help us pay for shipping costs associated with sending these care packages overseas. Additionally, in order to reach more deployed troops, Gamers Outreach plans to work with Eastern Michigan’s ROTC department to help identify troops abroad who will benefit most from our initiative.


You can keep up with the work of our organization as our initiatives expand over the course of the year at

We’d like to send our deepest thanks to everyone who came out and supported this year’s Gamers for Giving. From our crew of casters and volunteers, to everyone who attended and supported online – thank you!!

Also, it must be mentioned, one of the main reasons Gamers for Giving exists in the capacity that it does is because of the support we receive from our friends and sponsors in the industry. Folks like Astro Gaming, ┬áthe Intel LANFest series, and help make our event possible. Their support means we’re able to maximize the impact our donations and attendee entry fees have on Gamers Outreach charity projects. Please swing by our Partners page and show each of our contributors some love. They certainly deserve it!

As many of you know, this event was not without its challenges. On Saturday, limited bandwidth greatly impacted our ability to conduct some of our event’s planned activities, primarily for folks who participated in the BYOC LAN. As mentioned in our previous emails and updates, we are currently in the process of working with Eastern to rectify the situation. We have proposed a solution which we believe would be most fair for attendees who were affected, and would still provide those who wish to compete in our League of Legends tournament with the ability to do so online. We will be issuing a final announcement next week, as we are currently in the process of finishing discussions with Eastern. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to send us an email via

From everyone at Gamers Outreach Foundation, THANK YOU for supporting Gamers for Giving 2014! We hope to see you at next year’s event!